Whether or not your Trade or Service Mark is recognizable enough to belong in Times Square, your business will benefit from Trademark Registration and Protection. Trademarks help your customers recognize your goods or services, and help enforce your company’s good will. Moreover trademarks add tremendous value to your business, and therefore must be protected, policed, and enforced. Zagrebelsky Law P.A. will be your partner in the efforts to make sure this is done properly and done well.

Our Services Include:

  • Federal Trademark Registration Services
  • State Trademark Registration Services
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trademark Enforcement
  • Trade Dress Enforcement
  • Brand Enforcement
  • Trademark Infringement Defense
  • Trade Dress Infringement Defense
  • Trademark Infringement Opinion Letters
  • Trademark licensing
  • Common Law Trademark Evaluation and Consultation Services

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