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Zagrebelsky Law P.A. is Different.

If you’re looking for a better kind of law firm, you’ve found it. Based in Tampa Bay, Zagrebelsky Law serves businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists in the local community, across Florida, and nationwide. Practicing Business law and Intellectual Property law, we pride our firm on empowering clients, impacting the community, and helping our planet.

As a full service law firm for businesses and other organizations, we’re equipped to handle all business matters, both transactional and litigation. Zagrebelsky Law supports you throughout the lifecycle of your venture. From forming and structuring your organization, supporting the legal needs throughout your entity’s existence, to facilitating intelligent exit strategies, we’re here to help.

Whether we’re crafting contracts, resolving disputes, or defending your intellectual property rights, we work with you closely as strategic partners and trusted advisors. You’re never just another client: we respect your view, listen to your goals, and tailor our services to your exact needs.

Like Florida’s mangroves—flourishing in salt water where other plants wither—our clients thrive against adversity, innovate around the competition, and boldly go where others won’t dare. We help them achieve success in their businesses and endeavors with comprehensive legal services and counseling.

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