Venture Capital & Private Equity Law

For entrepreneurs seeking capital investments to grow their business, Zagrebelsky Law P.A. can help navigate the complex process of obtaining equity or debt capital and provide them with guidance in finance-related legal issues. Zagrebelsky Law P.A. works with companies at all stages of growth and development, whether it be seed capital, early stage investments, or later stage expansions.

Our Services Include:

  • Intellectual Property Evaluation, Financial Valuation, and Protection Analysis Services
  • Assistance in all dealings with Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, and other Private Equity and Venture Funds
  • Negotiation of Corporate Venture Capital Fund Contracts
  • Development of  Limited Partnership Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements, and Strategic Alliances
  • Structure and Negotiation of  Debt Capital Arrangements including Complex Commercial Loans
  • Assistance to the Board of Directors and aid with corporate governance

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