Client Feedback

We ask our clients to give feedback at the conclusion of their case, here is what they have to say:

“Excellent communication, thorough, professional, knowledgeable and accessible.” E. Forte

“The lawyer worked the case until the final dismissal. There were no loose ends where another case could be initiated later on,. The lawyer is very pleasant and respectful of the client. And explains each step of the lawsuit in layman’s terms so it is understandable by the client. I would definitely recommend Zagrebelsky Law to anyone in need of a lawyer.” S. Barnett

“My experience was great from beginning to end. Communication was quick, professional, and precise.  Alla was exceptional in providing me with an overview of the trademark process and easily guided me through each step. All in all, trademarks were approved without any interruptions.  Excellent all around! Alla, was incredible form start to finish.” J. Stoner

“Alla was very helpful during our first phone conversation and kept be updated every step of the way. She put my doubts to rest about the trademark not going through and the trademark went live within the timeframe she had given me.  I have recommended Zagrebelsky Law to my very good friend and [business] owner. When I recommended Alla’s services I told him how helpful she was during the process and he is now a client.” D. Gonzalez

“We did not know this law firm and its capabilities when we received a referral. This firm exceeded our expectations resulting in an effective outcome.  I would highly recommend Zagrebelsky Law. Alla Zagrebelsky kept us in the loop, added value to the outcome of the case, and uses a helpful [online case management system with client access].” G. Griess