Commitment to Our Planet

Our Commitment to the Planet

When you think about law firms, you rarely consider the strain they put on the environment. Yet the American Bar Association has shown that even a single attorney can use as much as 1,000 pounds of paper every year! At Zagrebelsky Law, we do things differently. We take pride in our environmental responsibility and do all we can to preserve, honor, and sustain our planet.

Pride in Paperless Practices & Telecommunication

While no law firm can be completely paperless, we’re committed to only using paper when absolutely necessary for formal court proceedings and client requests. When we must use it, we exclusively use 100% recycled paper made via carbon-neutral manufacturing methods.

To keep our planet green and offer clients greater convenience, our digital office creates, receives, shares, and stores electronic documents safely and securely. Clients can virtually access their documents and files anywhere at anytime. While we encourage clients to contribute to our environmental mission and receive their documents, invoices, and communications electronically, we’re equipped to provide traditional statements as well, should they be needed.

Zagrebelsky Law is also proud to offer telecommunications whenever possible, drastically reducing the carbon footprint left by unnecessary automobile trips. Both employees and clients are encouraged to take advantage of virtual communications and our secure digital office whenever possible.

Sustainable Policies for a Healthier Planet

Going beyond paperless communications and virtual meetings, Zagrebelsky Law follows an array of energy-conscious policies to make an impact each and every day. These efforts include:
• Using Energy Star electronics exclusively
• Making use of natural light and temperature control whenever possible
• Using rechargeable batteries
• Leveraging large, low-energy LED monitors to minimize the need for paper
• Turning off all lights, computers, and printers when not working
• Using tablets and devices to reduce paper use on the go
• Eliminating purchases of bottled water and single-use products like plates, cups, and utensils

Additionally, Zagrebelsky Law recycles 100% of the paper, cardboard, metal, glass, printer cartridges, light bulbs, and plastic bags we use.

Contact us to learn more about on our environmental practices, suggest new eco-friendly ideas, and schedule an initial consultation.