Commitment to Community

Our Commitment to the Community

Paying it forward. Sharing success. Spreading goodwill. It’s easy enough to pay lip service to making a difference—actually doing it takes a real commitment. That’s why we dedicate what we can to lifting up the community around us.

Supporting Outstanding Community Organizations

The most beneficial community organizations often scrape by on stretched budgets—the ones who give the most may be in need of assistance themselves. Zagrebelsky Law works through the Castor Community Law Center, a resource center of Bay Area Legal Services, to provide free legal assistance to select non-profits and community groups.

We’re proud to help these vital organizations the best way we know how. To apply for assistance from the center, please complete this online form and mention our name on the application.

Empowering Artists For a Lifetime

Art plays a vital role in our culture and our lives. But artists often lack the resources and expertise to adequately protect their own work. Zagrebelsky Law works with select artists and art organizations to defend the cultural asset of art by offering free or discounted legal services, in addition to providing legal education for the artists.