Business Litigation

Litigation can strike hard and fast and seemingly out of nowhere. It can make you exposed to liability and costs that you have not previously considered. Zagrebelsky Law P.A. is here to help, with legal services that include pre-litigation, litigation state, and post-litigation assistance. We perform analysis of your business or specific situation to help identify and mitigate risks before they turn into litigation or help you decide whether or not you should be initiating legal proceedings against another party, handle pre-litigation, litigation stage, and post-litigation settlement negotiations, handle your legal litigation matter all the way through from the filing of a lawsuit to its conclusion, and assist with post-judgment collection efforts when necessary.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive litigation assistance in all business law matters
  • Pre-litigation business analysis
  • Pre-litigation settlement negotiations
  • Litigation state settlement negotiations
  • Litigation of a business matter: start to finish
  • Post-litigation judgment settlement negotiations
  • Post-litigation judgment collection efforts

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