Commitment to Employees

Our Commitment to Employees

We can vouch for it ourselves: happy employees are better employees. That’s why our attorneys, paralegals, and staffers, enjoy autonomy, flexibility, and respect—whether virtual or on-site.

Real Work-Life Balance

Piling on endless hours locked in an office rarely results in consistently high-quality work. That’s why our employees are encouraged to make their own hours and work outside of the office, so they can truly incorporate their careers into their lives. At Zagrebelsky Law, we’re committed to employees that share our passion—and we’re careful to keep that passion alive and well.

We know that a job isn’t everything; by empowering employees to telecommute, we allow them to achieve an authentic work-life balance that makes work more productive and life more meaningful. The profound satisfaction that comes from a true work/life balance enables our employees to perform the highest quality of work—not only meeting, but exceeding client expectations.

A Culture of Trust & Empowerment

Zagrebelsky Law hires intelligent, responsible, trustworthy people. That’s why we don’t think it’s necessary to micromanage everything they do. On the contrary, we nurture creativity and talent by giving our team the freedom to find innovative solutions to difficult challenges.

While we always demand the highest degree of ethics and exceptional work, we give employees the freedom to get to that point. If the results are superb, that’s all that matters. We trust our people and have been rewarded with stellar output.

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