Ecommerce & Internet Law

In the digital age, having good legal support is more important than ever. That is because having an internet presence has become a prerequisite to a successful business. This is true whether your business is purely internet based, a true brick and mortar establishment, or a hybrid of the two.

The internet law is developing and changing as rapidly as the internet itself. Zagrebelsky Law P.A. will help you navigate the sea of rapidly changing laws and regulations, assist you with internet law compliance, and help protect your online assets and relationships so that your business can thrive.

Our Services Include:

    • Ecommerce and Use Policy Development and Disputes
    • Internet Based Licensing Agreements and Disputes
    • ICANN Arbitration Proceedings
    • Mass-Market Licensing and Disputes
    • Click Through Agreements and Disputes
    • Shrinkwrap Agreements and Disputes
    • Clickstream & Browsewrap Agreements and Disputes
    • Electronic Record Policy Development and Disputes
    • Online Performance and Information
    • Content Warranty Development and Disputes
    • Cybertort Disputes
    • Internet Payment Systems Disputes
    • Privacy Policy Development and Disputes
    • Cyber Trademark Protection and Infringement
    • Cyber Copyright Protection and Infringement
    • Website Trade Dress Infringement
    • Cybersquatting, Typosquatting, Metatag, and Website Hijacking Disputes

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